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Endorsements of Jim Wilson

Christian leaders, evangelists, pastors, and theological professors have endorsed the Ministry of Jim Wilson:

Dr. Billy Graham -- "Jim Wilson is a great preacher, and he is a student of the Bible. I know that Jim is not just a one-string preacher; he touches on every area of the Christian life and responsibility. . . He has had many years of experience as both a pastor and an evangelist. He has helped me in a number of my own Crusades. He is an excellent organizer and a powerful evangelist... It is my privilege to recommend Jim's ministry because I believe God is going to use him mightily in the days ahead."

Dr. Louis Drummond (Deceased), Former President Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary -- "His evangelistic fervency and his unusual ability to communicate the Gospel has brought many to faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. He is a man of depth, sincerity, and effectiveness that one finds rare today. I count it a real joy to most heartily recommend him to any church or area in the ministry of Christ."

Dr. Jim Henry, Retired Pastor, Orlando, Florida -- "I've known Jim Wilson for more than a decade. It has been my privilege to pastor his beautiful family. I've never known him to be anything but above reproach. Jim's preaching combines the best of a pastor's heart and the urgency of the evangelist. He has a compassion for the lost that is genuine and possesses the Holy Spirit-endowed gift of evangelism. I believe he is beginning the most fruitful years of his entire ministry."
Dr. Adrian Rogers (Deceased), Former Pastor, Bellevue Baptist Church, Memphis, Tennessee --"I believe Jim Wilson to be a man gifted for evangelism. He is morally clean, doctrinally straight, gentle when he needs to be, and courageous when he needs to be. He is a man's man, but he is not boisterous or unreasonable. His gentle humor, his deep convictions, his articulate style, and his skillful use of the Scripture make him one of the most effective communicators of our day."

Greg Matthews, Regional Director, My Hope With Billy Graham -- "Jim has the unique ability to connect and communicate with people of diverse backgrounds and traditions.  If the Apostle Paul were ministering in 21st century America, Jim Wilson would surely be on his team.  I highly and enthusiastically recommend Jim Wilson as an evangelist and preacher of God's Good News."

Dr. Jerry Vines, Retired Pastor -- "Let me take this opportunity to commend to you the ministry of Jim Wilson. Jim Wilson is uniquely qualified to serve as a vocational evangelist. He has a rich heritage in evangelism, and has the practical training provided by his successful pastorates. I believe the Lord will use him in a very special way in these crucial days."

Dr. Morris Chapman, President and CEO of the Southern Baptist Convention Executive Committee -- "God's hand is upon him. He forcefully preaches with conviction from a heart of compassion. Nowhere can you find a man more committed to personal integrity. You'll love Jim Wilson. He is genuine."

Dr. John Corts, Retired President & CEO, Billy Graham Evangelistic Association -- "Jim Wilson is distinctly a God-gifted evangelist. He is a compassionate communicator to the lost, friend to the pastor, and an effective harvester for the church."

Dr. Roy Fish, Retired Professor of Evangelism, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary -- "Jim has the characteristics of a great evangelist. He is a man of unquestioned integrity. He has a staunch faith in the Bible and preaches it in the power and demonstration of the Spirit of God. Whether in city wide crusades or in local churches, people in your area would be immensely blessed through the ministry of this Godly man."

Dr. Stephen Olford (Deceased), Former President, Encounter Ministries -- "Jim Wilson is an outstanding preacher with a special gift in evangelism. His strength is expounding the Word of God and applying it with relevance to everyday needs. He has been used around the world and I highly recommend him".

Dr. Darryl Robinson, Former Director of Evangelism, Southern Baptist Convention -- "God greatly used him in a revival-harvest Crusade in my church when I was a pastor. Jim has the balance and wisdom to bless the church in spiritual revival, as he draws the net in harvest ministry. He has an excellent program of preparation, which is a must for Crusade evangelism."

Dr. Jerry Pickard, Pastor, Northside Baptict Church -- He was thoroughly Biblical, clear and relevant in his preaching.  During Jim's time with us, God opened the windows of Heaven and poured out His blessings on our congregation.  The santuary was filled at each service with our own members and visitors.  Our church experienced God in a deep and fresh new way, and as a result, we were renewed, refreshed and revived."

Rev. Dennis Bradley, Pastor, Cornerstone Baptist Chruch -- "I have used Jim Wilson on three different occasions and his ministry is by far, the most effective I have seen.  He is a gifted and called evangelist and he shares God's Word in such a way that the Holy Spirit breathes new life, hope, healing and restoration into a church family.  He is above reproach in his professionalism, integrity, dependability, effectiveness, genuiness and financial accountability."

Rev. Junior Hill, Evangelist "I consider Jim Wilson one of the most effective harvest evangelists I have ever known.  I hope the pastors of our churces will use him."

Dr. Bobby Musselwhite, Director of Mission, Santa Rosa Baptist Association, "We decided to go with the tent crusade.  We had a great meeting, even though we had rain during the week.  Some people down-play the value of such crusades in our day, but I encourage you to consider such an area-wide event.  I comment Jim to you as a solid, Bible-preaching evangerlist, who is a good communicator to all ages."

Tom Metcalfe, Deacon Chairman, Carlisle First Baptist Church, "We have just completed a crusade which was the most successful revival we have experienced in many years.  JWEA sent us some excellent materials  that helped us organize the church and the community for the crusade.  In 4 out of 5 services, we had twice the attendance that we have experienced in any one service over the last year.  I had not know Jim Wilson prior to this meeting.  I now feel like he is a close friend!"

Frank Shelton, Author, Evangelist and Fox News Coordinator -- "Dr. Jim Wilson is one of the men whom I admire the most.  Without question, he models Christ with both compassion and a heart for lost souls.  Jim has preached the Gospel around the world but like Jesus, still chasing and connection with individuals.  He is a freind to pastors and comes as a servant totally surrendered to our Savior."

Rev. Larry McFadden, Missionary Evangelist -- "Evangelist means messenger and I have never seen a better messenger of the Gospel than my dear friend, Jim Wilson.  I have been with Jim, literally, all over the world.  I have seen his ministry as an evangelist preoduce a great harvest of souls - even in places where we thought nothing would happen.  He explains the Gospel clearly and in a way that relates to the culture of the day.  He then gives an invitation that cannot be misunderstood.  People know why they have come and can clearly communicte with a counselor what they just did."


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