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Jim Wilson has carried his message to 43 countries of the world; more than 5 million listeners; nearly 700,000 public "inquiries" for Christ; and  800 schools.  This faith ministry that is conducted in underdeveloped countries has a three-fold strategy -- Evangelistic Festivals, Medical Clinics and Training schools for native leaders and pastors.

Hundreds in Thailand come forward to publicly accept Jesus Christ as Savior.

J.W.E.A. must pay all costs in these developing countries .... sound, equipment, lights, entrepreneurs, publicity, materials, etc.  One organized festival can cost as much as $20,000.  But, unbelievably, it will oly cost $2.12 for one person overseas to hear the gospel of Christ.  Every person that makes an inquiry will be enrolled in a follow-up class for Bible study and spiritua; growth paid for by this faith ministry. 

Recently, we conducted a project in Haiti sharing face-to-face with 58,230 people, giving away 2,000 Creole Bibles.  A team of nurses, doctors and volunteers offered a free medical clinic for the needy people, treating over 1,400 patients in one week.  More than 150 Haitian leaders enrolled in the School of Evangelism. The gospel was shared with over 4,700 people with almost 900 making decisions for Christ.

A U.S. doctor team member treats a Haitian woman in the free clinic.

Medical Clinics that offer help to the needy people in the villages we visit are conducted by a team of volunteer medical workers, doctors, dentists, ophthalmologists, therapists and helpers.  With each mission project, more than 1000 pounds of medicines are carefully distributed.  On average, more than 1,200 people are treated in a week with a cost of about $8 per person.


Jim preached to over 130,000 people in N.E. India.

Traveling to Northeast India, our team conducted a School of Evangelism and daily evangelistic festivals.  Thousands came to accept Jesus as Savior and Lord. We were able to get into the schools and talk openly to the children with over 5,000 of them hearing the "good news" of Christ.  Leaders of that nation were trained to share the gospel with their people. Over 58,000 attended the nightly festival meetings.  American nurses worked in a hospital along side Indian doctors to minister to the heart, as well as the body.  Our J.W.E.A. team had conducted twenty projects in India.

J.W.E.A. team members in schools sharing the gospel with students.
Young Pastors in Haiti being trained in our "School of Evangelsim"..


The "School of Evangelism" is training for pastors and leaders.  Most of these men and women have never had any formal training.  We provide that for them.  One person in an underdeveloped country can be trained, including lodging, food and materials, for a cost of $30.

Please take a moment and enjoy some other pictures taken in some of the festivals we have conducted all over the world.



Organinzing a freee medical clinic in Haiti.


Distributing clothes to orphans in Haiti.

A crowd of 16,000 attend a festival in Cap-Haitian, Haiti.
Jim having fun with children in Haiti.





Over 1,200 Pastors/Leaders enrolled in the

"School of Evangelism" in India.



Doctors and nurses from our team treating patients in the free medical clininc in Dominican Republic.






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